Great News for Skin Care

This patented, high-tech innovation cleans and exfoliates skin better than you expect! It’s arguably the new world standard. EXFOLIA™ products give you visibly cleaner, smoother, healthier skin – instantly! Regular usage will accelerate skin cell growth, improve skin tone and elasticity. All this happens naturally – without chemicals, machines, or lasers. The performance of all moisturizers, toners, sunscreens, creams, serums and self-tans are improved when you start with the cleanest possible skin. You use less makeup because it goes on smoother.

Everybody Wins

Women, men, and teens of different ethnic and skin types benefit from using EXFOLIA™ products. Oily, dry, combination, acne-prone, sun-damaged and even sensitive skin types love it.

Total Body Care

Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA™ feels deceptively mild but is quite efficient in restoring smooth skin. Use on face and entire body – elbows, knees, heels, in-grown hair, keratosis pilaris (“bumpies”) underside of arms.


Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA™ lasts for 60 to 80 times with proper care – depends on hair stubble, pressure, and viscosity of cleanser. Rinse after each use and mild bleach periodically. EXFOLIA’s fibers retain their power to exfoliate and clean for months.


Most EXFOLIA™ products are washable, reusable and are good for 60 – 80 treatments and so deliver a terrific value. Caring for the health of your body’s largest organ is not a monetary issue.

Scientific Advancement

Scientists from the world largest maker of non-woven fabrics have developed the most remarkable cleansing and exfoliation cloths. The result of their diligence and genius is the patented Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA™. We challenge you to find a more effective skin care tool.

Amazing Efficacy

The strong and ultrafine fibers of EXFOLIA™ are 70 to 100 times thinner than human hair. These “infinite” length fibers are split even finer multi-filament segmentation (see diagram right. This incredible thinness allows the fibers to precisely scoop and remove dead cells (stratum corneum) to an amazing degree of smoothness. The process is: mechanical not chemical; superficial not invasive; safe without risk; simple do-it-yourself, and very economical. The result is what you’ve always wished for, clean, smooth, soft, younger-looking skin that will make you smile every time you look in the mirror.

Rewards of Science & Technology

We are proud to offer the most amazing skin care tools. We invite you to take the “1 Minute Test”. Surprise yourself and discover the beautiful benefits, today.