"My severe acne is gone! Nothing else ever helped - now acne and even scars are gone - in just 2 months - EXFOLIA is true magic."
Denise S. Phoenix, AZ


It [Exfolia] took ten years off my face! This product is AMAZING and performed BETTER than the microdermabrasion a local dermatologist performed on me . I’m a pharmacist and plan to recommend the cloth to all of my patients .

Michelle D. Pharm. D., Rph . Los Angeles, CA


The patients of Dr. Appleton’s Clinic simply love the Exfolia cloth. We feel secure in recommending and selling Exfolia because we’ve come to know that this unique cloth treats only the outer layer of the epidermis. It smoothes and cleans the skin without undue risk of injury to the lower layers. Please send us another refill order.!

Laura W. Annapolis, MD


I had acne and the Beauty Cloth Exfolia helped clear my pores. It helped to dry up my acne and also rid my face of the dead skin. I have been using it to keep my skin looking healthy. I am now acne-free and I feel more confident with my skin than I ever have before. I would recommend this cloth to anyone who may have problems with acne. I feel like it pulls out the excess oil in your pores that cause acne , while not completely drying out your face.

Bobi N. Cerritos, CA


Ever since I started using Beauty Cloth my facial skin has been glowing. I feel cleaner and healthier. No more zits. Mini wrinkles are gone! People are now mistaking me for being my 17 year old daughter’s sister – how great is that

Suzie L. Torrance, CA


Hello there-I absolutely love your cloth! I have only been using it for a short amount of time, but I have noticed great improvements in my skin since my initial use. Those of my family/friends who I have given them to also love it and want to know where they can purchase more. Thanks for your time, and for creating such a great product!


Marisa W. Kansas City, KS


I have been able to sample the Beauty Cloth and I think it is an outstanding beauty product. It is by far and excellent exfoliator. I, myself, will use it as an exfoliator from now on. I no longer need to purchase cream, gel, or any other kind of exfoliator since trying the Beauty Cloth.

Susan B. Millbrae, CA


My wife used Beauty Cloth and is addicted . We would like to buy several for our friends. Let me know.

Bradley J. W. Boise, ID


I did exactly what you said and my skin is smooth . I cut it [Exfolia] in half, very good result!

Denise H. Fort Lee, NJ


It [Exfolia] helps gently prepare my senior skin for my moisturizing.

Ms. Jerry M. Chicago, IL


It [Exfolia] makes my skin feel and look so refreshed and radiant . It is truly amazing! I was so surprised that what appears to be a cloth actually is better than going to a salon for my face. Great product!! I will definitely recommend this to everyone!

Andrea W. Marina, C